As I stated in the title, when loading the server list in the server browser be it after launching the game and opening it or hitting the Refresh button, it gives the standard loading circle. Then after a few seconds, the circle goes away and everything hangs. I can move my cursor but nothing is clickable. Can't even bring up the Steam Overlay. After a bit longer than the circle's time everything populates normally. We're talking about 60 seconds or so to load the server list and see anything.

I've been playing TTS for a good while. The ONE and ONLY change I've made since earlier today when it was fine was I got a new monitor. It plays at a 3440 x 1440 resolution at 100hz refresh rate, G-Sync on. I'm not sure why that would matter at all but like I said, it's been the only change hardware or software since earlier this morning.

Running 64-bit Windows 10 Home version 10.0. 14393 Build 14393
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