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Thread: All Pixel & Vector Paint Suggestions (Merged)

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    Question All Pixel & Vector Paint Suggestions (Merged)

    It was nice that we got the new Vector Drawing tool, with a color tint wheel to change colors with - but the Pixel Pencil tool was not updated the same way. Is this a possibility?

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    They are two completely different entities and unfortunately the pixel tool doesn't have the flexibility the vector tool does, which is why we added it in. As far as getting a color wheel for the pixel tool - maybe. There's a lot of other things we need to work on first and then we'll go back and look at it in the future to see what we can do.

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    ahh ok. and yes i understand that the to-do list is probably quite large. It just seemed strange that they weren't given the same treatment at the same time. It's ok. The future looks bright, I might have to wear shades soon! (see what I did there? If you don't then you might not be old enough lol )

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    Arrow Undo Last Vector Paint Line

    It would make it a lot easier to draw if there was an undo button on the end of the vector tool options that would erase the last line I drew or undo a section I accidentally erased.
    If I've got a bunch of lines on the table already and try to draw another line over the top of it, then make a mistake, it's impossible to erase without undoing the entire game, erasing everything underneath as well, or just drawing over the top which is a mucky way of fixing it especially if you can't find the right colour.

    It would just streamline the drawing process a lot.

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    Talking Pick Colour Tool in Vector Paint

    It would be nice if we had a pick colour tool that would select the colour of the vector line you click on automatically.
    It would save many mistakes and stop me having to agonize over which spot on the colour wheel I was on previously.


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    It'd also be useful to have a section next to the colour wheel with your last few used colours. Though that might clutter up the UI.

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    The whole colorwheel interface needs some work. Yes - an eyedropper would be nice. An HTML color code input field has also been requested.

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    I had lots of trouble using the color picker tool for the text tool.

    Also yeah more functionality would be nice. It is currently impossible to pick any shade of grey using the picker tool.

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    +1 ! I totally upvote this request.

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    Drawing Tool only visible to Game Master

    As a game master, there are often things we want to keep hidden from the players. The position of concealed enemies, squares / tiles that are visible to the players, but with hidden traps or cameras, or anything.

    It would be really nice if we had a draw tool, exactly the same to the Vector Paint, but what was drawn with that tool was only visible for the DM. Would make managing the map much easier!

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    I would love a "local only" version of vector paint. Even if it is so I can jot down little notes and indicators for myself without other people seeing them.

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    Precisely that, yeah. One thing for me particularly is I'm hosting a D&D system Sci-fi Campaign, I only want CCTV's to show up if players roll high enough perception but it's really hard for me to keep track of where all the cameras would be placed around the map

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    If all else fails, screenshot your map, import the image as a tile, and mark off their locations there. Then keep that token in a hidden zone.

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    Hope this doesn't seem like shameless promotion, but I wanted to mention how this mod (Scene System) might be able to help with some of these scenarios. It was built with things like this in mind, and has some tools to assist. It may not be your thing, in which case ignore me


    I'll use the sci-fi CCTV camera example, and I'll assume you've already built the map. The steps would be slightly different if you were starting from scratch.

    You could go to your map and bring a scene system chest in (from your TTS chest, for instance).
    Then, remove your CCTV cameras from the map.
    Then "Get" the map (no cameras) into the scene chest.
    Now, "Put" that scene back on the table.
    Place and lock your cameras wherever you want them to go.
    Now, "Retrieve" the base map back into the first scene chest, leaving just the cameras on the table.
    Now drop another, different scene chest in, and "Get" the cameras into it.
    Now you have a chest with the map, which you can reveal to players in various ways (all at once, as they explore it) and a chest with the cameras, with you can reveal under different conditions. For instance, with the "vision sphere" for each chest you can decide what range around that sphere to reveal the base map (let's say 8" radius) and what range around the other sphere (let's say a very small 2" radius) to reveal the cameras, and you can decide when/if those spheres trigger an update (i.e., you'd only reveal from the camera map when a player successfully rolls to find a camera) by clicking a button. Now, even YOU don't have to remember where things are and how to reveal them, you can let the system do it when you ask.

    Also note that you could put these two "layers" (base map, camera map) on "shrink boards" when you actually start a session, and use those as the hidden sources for the game (vs the chest). Without getting into a bunch of the features of the shrink boards, I'll just say that the updates are much faster than chests, and you can even scale the shrink board contents to different sizes, interact with and modify the un-revealed part of the map(s), and hide them with a hidden zone or fog.

    You could even setup different camera layers to use for different sessions to keep it fresh. Or use the card+object part of the mod to randomly draw cards that place things on the map (cameras?).

    The system is modular and recursive and there are a lot of possibilities, but I'll stop there because this approach may not match your needs at all. I thought I'd chime in, though, in case it's a match for you or anyone else.

    Hope it's useful!

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    I actually follow you on the workshop, I have that downloaded and played around with it for a bit.

    Maybe I just didn't test it out enough but as far as I could tell, if I wanted to reveal specific cameras at a time, or slowly add to how many we're visible, wouldn't I need a different Shrink Board for every one of those possible combinations? The vision sphere seemed to reset what was visible every time you update it's vision, rather then adding to it.

    I'll definitely mess around with it again, your work is awesome by the way.

    This suggestion still stands though, sometimes I just need to remember little details and it would be nice to have them on the map rather then in a notepad.

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    If you press the buttons on the sphere, it removes what's no longer visible and adds what is now visible. If you just press Unshrink on the shrinker, it will add the new stuff but doesnt remove the old. I had both types of buttons on the sphere at one point, but some people found it confusing.

    And yeah, not trying to invalidate your suggestion, and really just realized this was in Suggestions!(duh)

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    Straight Vector Line tool & Vector Line Recolor tool

    The Vector Paint tool is nice because you can use it to delineate sections of the table, but it's so hard to do precisely that it's kind of not great at that. I think it'd be much more useful if we had a Straight Vector Line tool.

    With it we'd be able to use it to draw very neat lines on the table to organize the space. Most importantly, it'd be very useful to be able to hold shift (or some other key) while drawing out the line to force it to stay on 45 degree lines, similar to how Adobe tools work. This would help a lot with creating that neat, organized feeling.

    Other things that would help are being able to have rounded ends on the vector lines. Currently they end flat and square. It sounds like a little detail but it can go a long way to creating good-looking mods.

    Being able to recolor the lines would also be a big help since sometimes you've managed to draw a line exactly as you want it but you realize the color's not quite what you wanted it to be. So a tool to choose a color and then go over previously drawn lines to change their colors would be super cool.

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    Vector paint stroke width scaling with object

    I've heard a lot of people mention this in the past few months, and it affects a lot of games.

    If you vector paint on an object and scale it up, the paint stroke width will scale as well which completely blurs the lines. I'm creating a game where I have a deck of cards that is scaled up to about 4x and the cards need to be written on by players, but it is currently nearly impossible to write anything legible.

    The only way around this problem right now is to create large custom models and scale them down so the stroke width is normal.

    Vector paint stroke width scaling should be toggleable per object at the least.

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    The vector tool in it's current state seems pretty useless. I'm trying to port Near and Far which has tiny checkboxes on character sheets. I can't scale them up large enough for the vector line (it won't just make a dot) to not cover several of them at once -- forget trying to fill in a star outline. Also, text will not scale small enough. So, character tracking in-game is just not going to happen until there's some way to mark a card or tile in a reasonable way. I've seen Battletech players having the same issues.

    The best solution would be to add an object type that could have tick-boxes or entry fields defined -- Roleplayer Heaven! The simpler solution would seem to be to allow players to adjust the width of the vector line (and adjust the text font further).

    When you have games with tons of components, they need to be scaled down to fit -- and have text and drawing tools that can accommodate that.

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    The best solution would be to add an object type that could have tick-boxes or entry fields defined
    There is, and it's basically everything. XML UI will let you do those in whatever configuration you want.

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