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Thread: Researching RPG table needs

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    Researching RPG table needs


    After few years of consideration I have finally decided to give it a try and I'm quite impressed with how usable TS is. Good job! I'm considering using it for my 4ed D&D group which ended up in different cities. I'm still very new to the tool, so please forgive me if I'm asking some obvious questions. On the other hand, if things are more complex than I imagine, I'll be happy for pointer to specific part of documentation where I can research given topic in more detail. I'm a programmer, so I'm not scared of coding missing bits myself, I just need to know where to start.

    So here comes big list of questions:

    1) Is it possible to have all dice roll results being reported in chat automatically? I could imagine adding some script on dice object themselves, but how would I hook up into 'all dice landed and result is computed' event?
    2) Any module which would allow parsing and executing expressions like (2d10+1d4+5) with according dice rolls? I consider creating attack cards for player powers with clickable 'attack rolls' and 'damage rolls' bits which would autoroll dice, instead of having to look and pick them manually (or right-click menu actions for 'attack' and 'damage' if custom actions are possible?)
    3) How do you manage things like per-player character sheets? Import pdfs as images and put few counters next to it? Write it up in notes object? Use tablet item and load a prepared interactive webpage?
    4) Any support for character movement counting? So if I pick up miniature from specific part of grid, it will show 'path' to place I'm hovering over?
    5) How to manage targeting templates? For many spells etc we need to target 3x3 or 5x5 square for example. I was considering doing 'cardboard' cutouts with predefined shapes, but they will end up on top of miniatures, while they should be on top of terrain, but below miniatures. Is there some kind of doing non-collidable cutout or something like that? Ideal case would be even just selection box, just aligned to grid which would select just minatures (bit similar to
    6) How do you manage hp and states for enemy miniatures? Just put them in description, or is there some way of attaching status markers?
    7) Is there a way of displaying important information for currently selected miniature which would change when selecting other miniature? (for example monster stats)
    8) Is it possible to restrict movement of specific elements to specific players? I know I can lock them completely, but what about having kind of 'modify permissions' per item?
    9) Is there possibility to move objects in the air with having them falling down? I know I can first move item on the ground, then use position gizmo to move it up. But, if I touch it later to move it a bit, it floats to the ground (even after disabling gravity in physics settings for that object)
    10) Is there a way to make tablet item display pages in vertical, rather than horizontal way?
    11) Does TS support translucent items?

    That's it from the top of my head. I'll probably have few more detailed questions in custom content forum, but I'll try to keep it one question per topic over there - but need to get unity installed first.

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    1) Yes, with scripting. There are also scripted rollers. I'm not sure if anyone made regular dice that report to chat, but it is totally possible (I could do pretty quickly I think)
    2) Doing rolls, scripted wise, based off of cards is also possible via scripting.
    3) There are various ways. There are some scripted character sheets, check the workshop. You can also keep notes in game in notepads or write on big character sheets with an in-game pen
    4) Character moving is possible via scripting but much more complicated. But if you pick up a character I think you can hold tab to measure how far (in inches) you are moving it
    5) Nothing like this exists right now. I can think of a scripting solution (kind of) where you could put a round object above the character to block the light, so wherever the shadow fell it would effect it. But it would need some experementation to get right and a little trig. A scripting solution, and a messy one at that.
    6) You could put little display counters on them with scripting or in their name/description.
    7) You could put stats on their names so a tooltop would pop up and show it on mouse over. I'm not sure what you mean by "selected"
    8) You can make players drop items via scripting, but other than that (or locking them entirely) there is no way to allow some players to pick up something while disallowing others.
    9) I thought disabling gravity would do it. Not sure.
    10) Nope, don't think so
    11) In asset bundles, 100% yes. In custom objects? Maybe, I'm not sure.

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    By way of example, I have a link here. This is not a public module but it demonstrates some of the concepts you are questioning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TattleTale View Post
    Wow, that is some cool scripting... i particularly like when you drag out a model and all the associated chits all plop into the correct relative space and the button to remove the dice... extremely cool stuff.

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