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    Lightbulb 1st Person View

    (In the Sense of having a walking function)
    What do you think about having an option to switch to 1st person? Not sure if this is already in the game but it'd be super cool if you could actually walk "on" the board. This would be fairly easy to implement and it'd add a whole new level to RPG and Maze games, and really any game in general. I know you can glide around with the camera but it's just not the same. It'd be sweet to be able to navigate a maze or be in a dragon rpg fight as if you were actually standing right there.

    Possible Question:
    Why would you want this? This is a tabletop game. You don't play it for first person, you play it so that you can play board games and tabletop RPGs with your friends like you would IRL.
    Yes... but it would be fun to play board games from a different perspective sometimes, and for RPG game's this would be great for screenshots and would make exploring the area more enjoyable. I mean, why settle for what physically playing a board game will give you when you have the powers of technology in your hands :P
    Take for example X-COM. Though it is a strategy game and could all be played in a top down view and that'd be just fine, one of my favorite parts is when it zooms onto the battlefield to give a more "presence/action" like view on the battlefield. I know this might not be exactly the same situation, but it has a similar principle.

    Thank you for taking out the time to read this
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    Press P to switch the camera from it's default camera view to 1st person mode.

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    Well, What about a 1st person where your character has an actual body in the sense that you can walk on surfaces, rather than just a spectator view.

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    You're kinda standing in the void. Would be a bit weird to see a body standing on top of nothing. Plus often you want to be above the table, so then your body would be through it. (and making it lean would probably often break and be a major hassle to get right)

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