We (the Cosmic Encounter designers) are recruiting players for an ongoing play test for our 2Player Cosmic game. You must have the Cosmic Encounter DLC to participate. We have a goal of playing all 595 2Player combinations. To date 103 have been played. If you would like to help playtest, go to [URL="http://www.cosmicencounter.com/cosmicencountercontact/"]Cosmic Encounter[/URL] and check: I want to play test 2Player Cosmic. We will send you an NDA that you have to agree to and then give you access to the playtest files and the 2Player Cosmic download. We will also set you up with a playtest team. If you know someone who you want to bring in to test with, send them to the signup link and we will add that player your test team. Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions.
Youth vs Transporter.jpg