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Thread: Update v8.4 Tiny Epic Western DLC, UI Overhaul, In-Game Screenshots & More!

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    Update v8.4 Tiny Epic Western DLC, UI Overhaul, In-Game Screenshots & More!

    This is the probably the longest we’ve gone without an update, so thanks for your patience! We’re all set up in our new little studio in Austin, TX and while we’re not completely situated, we’re happy to be in one place! We’re still [url=]looking for programmers[/url], so if you’re in the area (must live in Austin already!), then please send us your info.

    Our latest DLC [url=]Tiny Epic Western[/url] by [url=]Gamelyn Games[/url] is now live! Tiny Epic Western marks the 4th game from Gamelyn Games we have released. We’re looking forward to seeing what else the future holds.

    We have made some major changes to our Games menu which now houses the default “Classic” games, DLCs, Workshop mods and Saves. You can now easily find all your games in one spot along with thumbnails! We can finally get rid of those old ugly Workshop and Save/Load menus! We have also updated the Top menu and ESC menu, with more changes to come!

    This will be our last update of 2016 as we go home for the holidays. We wish you all a very happy holiday and we look forward to seeing you next year. Lots more great things to come in 2017, including updates to VR and getting Oculus Touch users up and running.

    New DLC - Tiny Epic Western
    • In Tiny Epic Western, you are the boss! And upon your boss card, you will keep track of your posse and your influence.
    • [url=]Now available for $4.99[/url] with a 10% launch discount.
    • 1-4 players, Ages 13 and up.
    • Only the host needs to own the DLC for everyone to play.

    Games Menu Overhaul
    • Updated the Games menu to be more user friendly.
    • New Games menu showcases the base "Classic" games, the DLCs, your Workshop mods you've subscribed to and your Saved games.
    • Each section highlights the first games listed on each respective list.
    • When you click on one of the categories, you will see your games listed in a grid style in default order.
    • Workshop and Saved games are now shown with a thumbnail.
    • Old save files will not have a thumbnail until resaved.
    • Pages have been implemented so you can easily scroll through the different pages without having one continuous scroll.
    • Unowned DLCs will have a lock icon.
    • Depending on the game category, you can sort by Name, Random, Date Released, Recently updated games, the Slot number, and the Date created.
    • This is still a work in progress as we add more features to the menu, like creating folders and favorites. If you have suggestions, please post them below.

    Hover over a game for different options:

    WORKSHOP[*] Info - Opens up workshop page in overlay .[*] Expand - Lets you open up and see what is in each mod.[*] Delete - Will both unsubscribe to the mod and delete the files from your computer.[/list]

    SAVES[*] Overwrite - Will overwrite the existing saved game.[*] Expand - Lets you open up and see what is in each save.[*] Delete - Deletes the saved game.[*] To create a new save, click on GAMES, SAVES and then press the CREATE button.[*] When you save a game, an image will be taken based on where your camera is facing and this will become your thumbnail image.[/list]

    Top Bar and ESC menu Overhaul
    • Updated Top Bar menu & icons to give it a cleaner and more streamlined look.
    • Each icon represents a category and either a window will pop up or you will get a drop down menu with more options.
    • This helps keep everything more organized and quicker to find what you’re looking for.
    • ESC menu has also been updated to reflect the new UI changes.
    • You can bring up the menu by pressing the ESC key or pressing the menu icon on the Top Bar.
    • To change your color and team, you can now find this by clicking on your name in the top right.

    UI Improvements
    • Fixed some UI elements not being as sharp as they should have been (especially noticeable on text).
    • Improved the sharpness of the hover tooltip.
    • Color picker: Fixed drop shadow, added tooltips, adjusted placement.
    • Search Menu: Fixed clipping.
    • Fixed and cleaned up miscellaneous UI elements.

    High Quality Screenshots
    • You can now take high quality screenshots of your games at twice resolution and x8 msaa.
    • The UI is ignored, so you don’t need to worry about turning it off.
    • Press SHIFT + F11 to take the pictures.
    • Screenshots are located in your Documents/My Games/Tabletop Simulator/Screenshots folder.

    Darkrock Ventures Improvements
    • Fixed scaling on Research Deck.
    • Changed grey pips to black on the mining dice for easier readability.
    • Reference Card is now able to be Alt Zoomed.

    Spirits of the Rice Paddy Improvements
    • The Water Tokens custom bag is now a normal bag, not an Infinite one, and contains the correct limited number of Water Tokens for a legal game.
    • Various pieces have been drawn from their bags to form piles beside the main board for the convenience of players when a game begins.
    • Each player's starting Laborer, Gate, Wall and Rock Tokens have been added to their areas to reduce set-up time.
    • The player-color-marked pieces set before each of the four Spirit-Card slopes at the back of the table have been moved forward to reduce interference with cards.
    • The tray for the Rice Token-bags has been moved forward to be more convenient to reach.
    • The bags for Laborer, Growth and Livestock Tokens, and for Achievement Tiles, have been moved forward to be more convenient to reach.
    • The offering-bowl object containing the Water Tokens bag has been moved to the other side of the table for convenience.
    • The reflective setting on the Round Marker piece has been altered slightly to make it appear more authentically wooden and less shiny.
    • The scale of the Water Tokens has been reduced slightly to make them more manageable on the player-boards.

    Other DLC Improvements
    • Added information to the Notebook’s Key Points about the corridors in the Wizard’s Academy DLC.
    • Fixed typo for the “Acolyte” character sheet in the Darkest Night DLC.
    • Fixed spacing in the tooltip for the “Anna & Wojtek” figurine in the Scythe DLC.

    • Added a tooltip in the chat settings to include a link to the global chat rules.
    • In global chat your name is highlighted purple when someone mentions you.
    • Added Peek option under Modifiers in the Help Menu.

    • Fixed issue when searching objects would add random snap points.
    • Fixed zombie search icon getting stuck on object.
    • Fixed issue where blindfolded users were able to see peek and card search indicators.
    • Fixed issue with Tutorial being stuck on ? mark stage because ESC Help Menu didn't work.
    • Fixed issue with loading a new save not clearing out any drawings from the previous save or game.
    • Fixed search clipping on different aspect ratios.
    • Fixed search lighting being too bright.
    • Fixed issue with Tooltip getting stuck on pointer.
    • Fixed issue when searching a bag that contains a custom infinite bag.

    Stay up to date on development by following us on [url=]Twitter[/url] and [url=]Facebook[/url]!

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    Hotfix released to fix a few issues we found.

    Improved object loading so you won’t get stuck in the download progress.
    Fixed Games menu breaking with strange characters in names.
    Fixed pressing enter breaking Games menu in search bar.

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    Great!But there is something wrong

    Quote Originally Posted by Kimiko View Post
    Hotfix released to fix a few issues we found.

    Improved object loading so you won’t get stuck in the download progress.
    Fixed Games menu breaking with strange characters in names.
    Fixed pressing enter breaking Games menu in search bar.
    Wonderful UI!
    But today first update TTS,I find many things in workshop download very slow. I have total 200 workshop mods and it cost me nearly 30 minutes to download them all.
    I also have a suggestion. Can TTS add a support for base64 encode? You can see our suggestion in this thread.

    Thank you for your update!

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    Hi there, this is due to the thumbnails from the mods having to load for the first time. Once they have loaded, it will load much more quickly.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Kimiko View Post
    Hi there, this is due to the thumbnails from the mods having to load for the first time. Once they have loaded, it will load much more quickly.

    But after this update. Some of my friends can't load their mods they have already load. They find somes mods changed their mods to Documents\My Games\Tabletop Simulator\Mod, not steam address.

    And today in my play, mods always can't load right(white).

    Can you test and fix it?

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    I really like the UI changes and I have some suggestions for further improvements:
    • Show more characters of a mod's name: Make the text below the preview images smaller so it can display more characters or make the text box higher and use two lines to display the name. I don't need the full name but a few more characters would be nice.
    • Sort games by date of last usage: The search function is really good but the sort functions are not very helpful. It would be more helpful to have the games I frequently use on the start page instead of those last updated.
    • Allow scrolling the games list: I like the page layout but I would prefer to scroll the list. I would like to be able to scroll down and for every 'scroll' have another line of games appear at the bottom of the window. If more than 50% of the content of the next page is on screen you can highlight the button of this page at the bottom so we still know on which page we are. The page buttons can be used as an alternative way of navigating through the games and to quickly jump to certain sections.
    • Allow us to create a link to the mod info page: Being able to open the Steam workshop page for a mod directly from the game is a great addition. Now we can add some helpful information to the workshop page and players might actually see it. I would love if you could create a hyperlink to open the workshop page in the notebook or the info box at the bottom right as well.
    • Bring back the old icons: My only grief with the update: I do not like the look of the new menu at the top. Here are my arguments on why the old style was better:
      1. The old playful and colorful look was much more fitting the nature of this game.
      2. The black and white icons make it look like a business application.
      3. Colored icons make it faster to find known options.
      4. It clashes with the style of the main menu and the tools menu on the left (please don't make them black and white as well )

    Thanks for all work you are putting into the game, I really appreciate it. You are doing a great job
    (Please fix some bugs and take care of scripting in the next update)
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    Hotfix 2 now live!

    • Updated main menu logo to have holiday decoration.
    • Overwriting save file now supplies the name of the original save file in the input field automatically.
    • Increased the size of the options buttons in the games menu to reduce misclicks.
    • Fixed the game data mods folder not working correctly.
    • Fixed issue with broken savefileinfo files messing up the new Games menu.

    And for those who missed it, to save a new game, click on the Games icon, then click on Saves and on the top right is a “Create” button.

    Please keep posting your constructive feedback so we know how we can improve on the UI. It’s completely fine if you don’t like something, but let us know why! Also give it some time too - change is hard for all of us and takes some getting used to.

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    I've had some time with the new menu and I decided I do not like the process to save a game. It is complicated and dangerous: If you miss the small button with the 3 dots you will load a save and all your changes are lost.

    This is my suggestion to fix it:
    - Remove the 'Overwrite' option from the options in the 'Games' menu. This screen should be all about loading a game.
    - Add a "Save" option to the Escape menu. This option should lead to a new screen:
    • Same layout as the loading menu (with pretty thumbnails)
    • Give it another name in the top left to show it is a dedicated save menu
    • A click on the thumbnail will open the popup for the name of the save file (+ a cancel button)
    • Instead of the 3-dots menu display a trashcan to be able to delete a save (with a confirmation prompt please)
    • Instead of the AutoSave show a new tile in the top left to create a new save game (+ you can get rid of the create button in the top right)
      --> it seems some players have trouble finding the option to create a new save -> this should make it easier (especially when all tiles have a thumbnail)

    That way you don't have to 'abuse' the loading menu to save files. And with dedicated screens it will offer the same convenience as loading a game and avoid accidents.

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    Hotfix 3 now live!

    This will be our final hotfix for the year as we’re going back home for the holidays tomorrow. We wanted to get some fixes in and a few changes done for you before we left. Any future changes and updates to the UI will be worked on starting in 2017.

    • Increased area to two lines for text to be shown on both Workshop mods and Saved games.
    • Added mouse scrolling to the Games Menu so you can now use your scroll wheel to scroll through the pages quickly, as well as on the front menu with the categories.
    • Moved Saved Slot number to the top left of thumbnail instead of in the name to give more space for the text.
    • Renamed Saves menu to Save & Load.
    • Saved objects added to Objects menu in the top bar, so you no longer need to go to the Chest to access it.
    • You can now expand and load custom backgrounds from the Workshop.
    • Added confirmation button when loading a save to prevent accidental missclicks.
    • Improved visibility of the Create and Browse buttons.

    • Fixed pixel paint drawing not loading between saves.
    • Fixed create folder and saved objects appearing behind the UI.
    • Fixed tooltip getting stuck on the tools menu.

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    Huffel's suggestion would be a lot more intuitive. The first tile should always be a "Save" tile and any new saves you create/own should appear afterwards.

    I'd also appreciate if we moved the "Upload Workshop" screen to the Workshop page within Games, using the same system where you can "Upload" a new Workshop mod by clicking on its first tile. I never use the Cloud Manager myself, maybe you could move it to the Configuration options window. Instead of the Upload Manager icon, you could replace that with a Chest icon. I'm beginning to find it increasingly tedious to open the Chest now with two precise clicks on that small "Objects" button and then another on the "Chest" label.

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    Objects menu will get a similar rework that the Games menu got. We are trying out the currently system and if people are still having problems, then we'll try out out Huffel's idea.

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