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Thread: Sort saves in new UI by "most recent" not by "Save Number"

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    Sort saves in new UI by "most recent" not by "Save Number"

    As far as I know this can not be changed.. but in that new window that pops up you see the save/load button and 4 or 5 (I forget now) saves you can just click with out going into the main save/load dialogue.

    IMO, this should be sorted by "most recent saved" not by the "save number" as often the save you want to use is not in this quick list at all.

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    I know that this one is on the cards for a future update. . . I'm not sure which update though

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    If you sort by date it will do this.

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    Also added in today's update, whatever sort option you choose will stick when you close TTS and open it back up again. So no need to go to the sort button again if you prefer one way of sorting.

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