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Thread: Dungeons and Dragons 5e Character Sheet Glitch

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    Dungeons and Dragons 5e Character Sheet Glitch


    Hello, folks. This is my first time posting here... I'm having a very annoying problem here while playing Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition with some people from a Discord server I'm on. I'm not sure if this is more of an issue with the module or TTS itself. One time, when our host reopened the game, these numbers just appeared on my table. It's... not a character sheet per se, but the editable text from a character sheet. I can't select it, and I can't delete it. After not loading the game for a week and loading it today, these stray text fields were actually gone. But, upon opening the game for a second time, they came back... and once again, they won't go away, regardless of how many times we reopen the game. Does anyone know what could possibly be happening and what I can do to fix this?

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    I'm still having this issue. Does anyone have any idea how to fix it?

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    you should post on the mod workshop page

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