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Thread: Webcam feed as in-game player portraits

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    Bigger 2D portraits & Webcam as 2D portraits

    I think the portraits are quite small,maybe make them scalable?

    Also I think optional Webcams as 2D portraits would be awesome and would give a much more immersive Tabletop feel.

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    Post Webcam as our avatar!

    I used to play Uno on the xbox 360 and they let you use your webcam as your avatar so people could see who you were playing against. It was actually really funny and if it isn't too hard I think it would make a really fun and unique addition to this beautiful game.


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    Its a nice idea.... its something that cropped up during the conversation about adding 2D avatars a while back.


    I'll give this a +1

    Though I think its a bit down the current To-do list at the moment

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    Integrating Live WebCams to the User Placards/Profile Images?

    It may be really neat to allow users to have live webcam video and audio feeds during play. Similar to a google hangout, except that the "faces" would be spread across each of the user's player positions. That could go a long way to increasing the sense of sitting around a table with other people


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    Webcam feed as in-game player portraits

    I think it would add to immersion to have players' webcam feeds in the game as portraits.

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    I think this is probably a needed feature.. in fact "avatar" features in general. While I would never subject people to my fat underwear wearing ass (I kid I kid) I think that a webcam feed is a great idea, even though I would never personally use it.

    Also avatar features in general might be cool, as in 3D animated meshes, with "emotes" like shaking fist and high 5'ing and stuff might be cool. X-Box has a cool cartoon-ish avatar thing, something like that might be a great additional feature at some point.

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