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Thread: Asset Bundle Animation

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    Asset Bundle Animation

    Sooooo, I saw a thread asking for help in a similar manner a while ago, I thought maybe someone else would offer me the same. Currently I've built the asset file and the animation plays in game, I just can't get it to work via the triggers. So any suggestions anyone? Thanks in advance!


    Let me know if you need any other screenshots <3. It's 4 am so I'm off to bed for now~

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    Hey RiceKun

    Your images are coming out a little small.

    Can you put them all up online somewhere and post the links

    For a bit of context what does your animation do ?

    and It will be some thing trivial stopping it from working. . . . it always is . . . Annoyingly
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    Woops. didn't bother to check the links yesterday, didn't know they were resized by beserk. ^^;

    As for context, all it does is open up a wrapper and pull out a ticket. Let me know if I shouldn't embed images that large.

    O as a note, the animation I'm using is imported from an fbx. Which means it's locked to read only. I managed to get it unlocked by copy pasting it then going into debug and setting to legacy, just not sure how necessary that is.
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    I somehow managed to get the effect to trigger in game. Only problem is, it also has every other effect in the unity panel triggering too...

    Ex. Changing colors / dead animation / explosion / etc.

    I'm guessing this has something to do with the controller...

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    Right couple of things going on there for you to look at.

    The big one is you've got the TTS Script on the Parent object and the Animation component on a child so the two are not connected properly both need to be on the same part,

    1, Starting at the bottom the TTS script is set up for a single trigger but you've omitted the "Animation Component" that ties the animation to the object.
    either click on the dot to the right of the entry slot and select the object from the list presented or dragging and dropping the object from the hierarchy panel into the entry slot
    will also connect the two items together.

    Also set the Looping Component to 0 from the current valve of 1 if you don't intend to use it.

    2, Going Upwards you've got no Animation set for the trigger to draw from.
    go Add Component type "A" in the search bar and select "Animation" then fill in the panel that pops up.

    3, The Animation Controller needs to be set to "None( RuntimeAnimator Controller)"
    and the Avatar also set to "None"

    That should be about it for the bottom Image.

    Moving on to the top Image.

    I've guessed this is the part your trying to set off with your "Trigger" if so just concentrate of the instructions above and remove the Animation and Animator components from this panel as these need to be on the same panel as the TTS Script for it to work.

    If not and you want this as a separate animation event then set it to Run on Start up by ticking the Play Automatically checkbox
    and setting this objects Animation Controller by right clicking the dot to the right of the entry slot and selecting the appropriate controller from the list.

    This will have no trigger control and will play according to the settings in the animation itself ie Loop, Once, Clamp forever. . . Etc.

    as to why all the other animations played as well. . . did you give you Chocolate bar a new Asstbundle name when you brought it to TTS ?

    If your really get stuck I'd be happy to take a closer look at it for you if your able to share the relevant files.
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    So, I managed to get that animation stuff working before, thanks to analysing your posts in the previous thread. Not sure what I'm doing wrong as for the asset bundle importing all the effects though... It's on it's own asset bundle and everything? See if you can point out any more issues? Thanks for all your help btw!

    P.S Any way to copy specific parts in the model and mirror them in unity? It's fine if I have to do it in my modeller, just wondering for the future.

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    To cut out and copy sections of an existing mesh without moving the model to an external editor like Blender for instance. You're going to need to find a mesh Editor made for Use inside Unity. . . Take a look in the Unity Asset store and do a search for "Mesh Editor" I'm fairly sure there are a few in there . . . Though I can't say if there are any free ones.

    As to all the example animations getting dragged along with your Golden ticket, When you take it to the table.

    Couple of things.

    First, your new setup does not have an animator in it only an Animation and the TTS Script. Was there a particular reason that was removed ?

    if you put the Animator Back in and it still won't work try this. . . in the panel where you created the Assetbundle name, whilst the Assetbundle is selected and showing in the small panel, right click on the Assetbundle name and from the list of options that appear select. "Filter Selected Name"

    This will list in the search panel all the items in the project currently connected to that Assetbundle name. It Could be you've accidentally tagged another object or even a whole folder of objects with that same Assetbundle name whilst you where doing something else.

    anything you find that you don't want to be part of that Assetbundle select and set its Assetbundle name back to "None"

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    W00t figured it out, I had the animation components on some of the actual mesh objects instead of the main thing in the hierarchy view + accidentally tagged a folder (Which I was unaware was a thing). Now to figure out why my material suddenly decided to have a pure black overlay...

    Thanks for the help!
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    Now to figure out why my material is suddenly coming in as pure black...
    When its on the table check the "Colour Tint" in its Contextual menu in TTS. Sometimes it can default to black depending on the material settings of the object your importing. If it is just drag it back up to white.

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