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Thread: TTS Scripting is missing essential events

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    TTS Scripting is missing essential events

    There are a lot of things that players can currently do, that don't have any kind of event associated, forcing us to invent loopholes to come up with a messy alternative to what should be a clean option. It would be really nice to have events for the following:

    - An object is added to a container.

    - An object is taken from a container.

    - A card is added to a deck.

    - Two cards are combined into a deck.

    - Two decks are combined together.

    - Two or more objects are stacked together.

    - An object is being flipped.

    - An object is being rotated.

    - A coin or die is being rolled.

    - An object comes to rest after moving or rotating.

    - A countdown clock reaches 0.

    - A counter has been updated.

    - A tablet changes URL.

    - A locked item is being clicked upon.
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    For an object being added to a bag, you can use onCollisionEnter to detect objects that touch it and determine what enters it. A bit messy, so I don't disagree that it could use a trigger.

    I would like to highlight an object being flipped (right now, doing aything with dice is problematic because some people pick them up to roll them and others hit R to roll them, and it can be difficult to pick both up correctly. Although resting = true might help with that now.

    Speaking of resting, if you can detect when the object starts moving, you can run a coroutine that watches the object.resting for the object and, when object.resting becomes true, enact code.

    I would like to add another one to your list too.

    - A trigger when a countdown clock reaches 0.

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    A collision doesn't guarantee the object to disappear inside the container. For example, someone could be searching the container, preventing new objects from entering. Or what if the putObject() function was used (though then you generally can have the function using the putObject() trigger the code).

    You don't specifically need to detect when an object starts moving. It is extremely rare for an object to start moving, and then stop moving again, without ever colliding into another object, so you could also use the collision events to start the coroutine. Having an event would still be a lot better than using the coroutine. Also, having an event for when a die is being rolled or flipped would potentially allow you to set a variable for that object, and then when it comes to rest, you know if it was last being rolled or flipped or picked up, etc...

    And it totally makes sense to have an event trigger when a countdown clock reaches 0! Added to the list.

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    Added MrStump's suggestions from this thread: [url][/url]

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