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Thread: Issues playing D&D RPG

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    Issues playing D&D RPG

    Hello, me and 4 friends bought tabletop simulator a month ago and we are using it to play DnD 5e. But we are facing some problems... Let me explain: We started in a city, we loaded the city map our DM made, and we created sheets and spell cards in-game. Then we set everything as persistent, and loaded the second map. Everything worked, all the stuff stood on the table and the main table in the middle loaded the dungeon, then again we set everything as persistent and loaded another map, but this time it didnt work properly. And i've come to realize that sometimes when a player set persistent (and actively sees it at persistent), others dont. and that item sometimes don't go with the map along the load (then we have to re-load the last map, set it as persistent again, and load the new map, and maybe face another of the same issue, or disconnects). What we decided to to, is each one create a saved object folder and save everything inside there, then we load the dungeon or city we want, and each person loads its stuff on the table, object by object, but sometimes someone missclick and instead of dragging it to the table, they click on the saved object, making it spawn on the middle of the table, and destroying the scenário and objects there. Is there a way to forbid saved objects being spawned in the middle of the table? And allow them only to be dragged? Or do you have any other suggestion for us?
    Its being really frustrating for us to play like this, we lose half the play time only to make things work.
    Thanks in advance!

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    I'd suggest having a dig through the workshop for some of the Tools others have created to make Playing RPG a little easier.

    this one is quite popular.


    But there are lots of others to chose from if this doesn't float your boat

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    Thanks Lucky seven, i will take a better look at this mod later, but besides that, do you have any solution for our current problems? Cause we have like 10+ maps (like 10x the size of those on this video) full of 3d objects, with more than one vertical layer and effects. And id like not to lose them since each map took about 6 hours of work.

    Edit: Example of a map we made:

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    The idea behind Skytools (linked) or the Scene System (the other tool that is similar) is that they bag up an entire table of items, remember their positions, rotations, etc. Then can be set back out with the press of a button. If you need to change the image on the table, you could always just go select custom table from the table options or use a tool like this: [url][/url]

    Basically, if you can't find a current solution to getting items to persist properly, you have a couple of options. 1) Use thees tools to avoid loading new maps at all. Just save all those maps into Skytools or Scene System then use the system on one table to load your different scenes. 2) Put your stuff in a bag, save to chest, then pull it back out on the new table.

    And please file a bug report in the bug report section of the forums (if you haven't already) so they can look at the persist feature in the future. While these aren't the ideal solutions, you might actually find it EASIER to work with something like Skytools than loading map after map =)

    PS) Cool maps!

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    The idea behind Skytools (linked) or the Scene System (the other tool that is similar)
    I was going to put up the Link for the "Scene System" because its another great "Set up" of the best in fact. But it seems to be either off the public side of the workshop or renamed to something else.

    Any one know what's happened to it ?

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    Im trying out the skybox, it apparently fix our problem, since we can keep the game as it is and only load the center table scenario. Im still learning on how to use it, but i think its a good solution, thx guys!

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