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Thread: Text Tool Issue

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    Text Tool Issue

    I have created a text object with a script command. Whenever a second player joins the game, the text reverts to "Type Text" for me, but the new player sees the text correctly. Anyone have help on this?
    Updated text is readable by the new player, but still reads "Type Text" for me.

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    Yes, I have the same problem. I build in some delays to give the text object time to initialize. Works with 2 players , but when a third player joins it like randomly functional.

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    Good thing to add to bug reports then.

    A possible fix might be to re-set the text any time a player changes seat color? I think that triggers when a person first sits down, which would allow you to re-initialize the text so it is all synced up. As a temporary solution

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    Moved to Scripting Bugs.

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