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Thread: Scripting Zone edges on it's Y axis are ignored.

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    Scripting Zone edges on it's Y axis are ignored.

    Scripting zones seem to ignore their edges on the Y axis completely. Anything that falls within their X and Z axis is considered inside the scripting zone, even if they are actually above or below the scripting zone.

    Interestingly enough, it uses the scripting zone's Y axis, not the global Y axis. When you rotate a scripting zone on it's X axis by 90 degrees, the zone no longer includes objects above or below the zone, but does include objects in front of or behind the zone.

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    That's likely an intended feature, though I can see why there would be some cases where having the Y-axis taken into account would be preferred. Not sure whether removing this issue would mess up people's existing mods though, may need a toggle.

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