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Thread: Questions about IRC and Tabletop Simulator

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    Questions about IRC and Tabletop Simulator

    So I use IRC a lot (yes I am old. Shut up! Wan'a fight about it?) and I was pretty happy to see that there is a IRC chan which as far as I can tell is used by TTS for chat...

    Some questions...

    • How integrated is IRC in TTS? LIke if I register my nick on the IRC server, will it reserve the nick and prevent other people using it in TTS?
    • I can idle in the General Chat, but how can I join the chat for my game in IRC?
    • Is there a way to switch entirely to IRC, so I no longer have a 2nd username coming from TTS?
    • Hexchat only shows the people connected via IRC (mods mainly)... is there a way or with a different app so I can see the entire user list.. as "tab" nick completion doesn't work : ( any idea how to get that working?

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    The global chat is using the geekshed IRC network. You can join it via an external client - and join #TabletopSimulator.

    If you register your nick in the client, you won't be able to use it in TTS, so make sure you register the name you want. And you'll have to identify yourself each time you login. So yes, if your name is registered, others in global chat won't be able to use your name.

    Global chat is completely different from the Game chat, so you can't join that in IRC - only in TTS. (if you mean something else, let me know).

    The channel is setup so that only operators can see who is in the channel to prevent overload on the geekshed servers, so there's no way to see the entire userlist at this time.

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