I have a HeroQuest group that has unfortunately been short a Wizard for a few months now. We were hoping he'd make it back, but that hasn't been the case. I'm hoping to find one more player for the group.

We get together every Sunday at around 10:00am EST. The sessions are recorded for [URL="http://youtube.com/rurounikage"]YouTube on my personal channel[/URL]. This means I'm hoping to find someone that's okay with recording and has personality to keep things interesting as we play.

We have played through the first 3 packs (Base game, Kellar's Keep, and Return of the Witch Lord) and are about half way through the EU pack "Against the Ogre Horde". I have plans to go through that and "The Wizards of Mocar/Zargon" then the 2 US based character packs.

Anyone interested please let me know and we can try to arrange a get together maybe with another game to get the feel for personality and if it's a good fit. Thanks!

NOTE: By no means does anyone that's interested need to have experience. The game is easy to understand (very simple rules) and the team can easily coach on best practices during the dungeon exploration.