So I started using the new folders in my Games window to organize my library, and I wanted to create a folder for Backgrounds. That way if i want to add a background to another mod, I know where to find them all.

Now, there's a lot of mods that are simply a background (usually with the word "background" in the name) but there's some mods with actual games that have cool backgrounds. I want my Backgrounds folder to include those too, since the folder's supposed to be a list I can look through with all the mods with a custom background I have.

The problem is if I put a mod with an actual game in that folder, that mod can only exist there, and not in any other folders.
It would be great to be able to "copy" mods/saved objects/saves into folders, letting any one item exist in several places.

This would be a bit like "tagging" mods rather than actually moving them, but calling it "copy"-ing mods/saved objects in the UI would be more intuitive I think.