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Thread: Futuristic / Sci-Fi RPG Environments. - My RPG Maps available for Download [7+ Maps]

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    Futuristic / Sci-Fi RPG Environments. - My RPG Maps available for Download [7+ Maps]

    The D&D / Grand Adventure RPG Formula is obviously extremely popular on TTS With all of the assets on the workshop for towns, dungeons, and other fantasy environments that players upload. Players are able to download and appropriate these maps, grab inspiration and acquire new assets in models through said abundance, but virtually exclusively to the genre of Fantasy. This RPG Formula has infinite possibilities, and sees little attention to what I would say is it's fictional counterpart - The Science Fiction / Futuristic / Space genre. While there are certainly a few mods that provide some models and tools, there are very few actual dungeons and environments to pull from the workshop. Anyone who has hosted a D&D campaign knows how much stress can be alleviated by going to the workshop and being able to find a map that suits your needs; we need the same for futuristic RPGs.

    Here hopefully, I can demonstrate said environments are possible to create, provide textures and assets to build maps with in a more condensed form, and by doing so inspire people to get creating and most importantly, share their creations to the workshop.

    To do that, I'm going to be (with some stagnation) uploading every single map creation I finish onto the workshop for my custom universe and D20-based RPG Campaign I have been creating for over a year now. Those maps can be found below on my workshop page. As I'm writing this there are 7 maps, I have more ready to upload and will upload any more I make in the future.


    My small contribution; I'll try to keep an eye on this thread if theres any questions or concerned that I can address or simply keep a dialogue for the health of this niche map making community - Thanks.

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    These maps look great. I navigated through all 7. I believe these environment will see a lot of action. Very nice work here.

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