So I bought the DLC yesterday, to play with my nephew, who is 8 years old. He loved playing the game, and had a lot of fun. But he was not at all impressed with the scenery. Neither was I, to be honest. Despite it IS supposed to be a game for kids and adults:
- All the scenery looks like a 6 year old made it.
- The ship looks like a childs' toy that they had scribbled all over with a marker, and there's not even a pirate flag on it.
- The room's background image is the same way, and looks like a picture a child made in MSPaint.

There's no attention to detail about it at all. If I were to describe the scenery as a whole, I think I'd say it looks like a child's shoebox diorama of a simple ship. The images used for the cards looked pixelated when you got up close to read it, like the image had been stretched. And I suppose I am right in this thinking because the cards were scaled up WAY larger than the default size.

All in all, I've loved most of the DLC for TTS, but with this one, I am unimpressed. I know it's just a card game, but there could have been more done to create that "Arrrgh, matey!" pirate ambiance/feel to it, since that's the games' theme. Pirates. Instead it just looks like there was very little effort or thought put into it at all.