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Thread: Embers of a forsaken Star Expansion

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    Embers of a forsaken Star Expansion

    Hey BG!

    Love what you have done with Xia and was curious if you are already in talks with Far Off Games to add the expansion when it is released? Hoping it's already in the works!

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    I suspect they want to wait till the Expansion has been delivered to all the Kickstarter Backers first before they think about adding it to the TTS version. Which correct me I'm wrong hasn't happened yet ?

    Best thing in a situation like this where an expansion for a game is available or soon to be available, is bug the Crap out of the games Publisher as ultimately it will be there decision to make as Berserk are always up for adding stuff to there existing DLC's as an when they get the chance to.

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    I'm hopeful this will come to pass, I love the work that was put into this DLC and I find that a good game is just made that much more better by the ambiance. Unfortunately I've already found a few flaws in the game that appear to be resolved when I read up on the Expansion. Things like the economy track as it's real easy for a player to run away with simple trade routes and no one else can catch up.

    Still, I enjoy it and I'll most likely keep playing it.

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    Anyword on this being added? There is a badly scanned verison on the workshop.. but would be great to have it integrated officially.

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