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Thread: Non-interactable text is able to be edited by everyone but the host.

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    Question Non-interactable text is able to be edited by everyone but the host.

    I've tried turning interactable off on the TextTool object and it works, for the host. For every connected client, they are still able to edit the text using the text tool. Please put out a fix for this as I can't enable the Notebook permission, which I need, without enabling the Text tool permission as well.

    Also, non-interactable text should NOT be able to be removed with the bin tool. If it is, at least keep a log of the player who pressed it so we can avoid griefing. (The same goes for paint, too.)


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    I can confirm this bug still exists.

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    You should try using the button code.

    If you make a button but have the size at zero, it just displays text and there is nothing to click. This way it is acts and looks exactly like a text objects. You then use self.getDescription() to fill the "label" value... so onload it will always be what ever you have written in the description. This also allows you to easily edit it as well with out doing any scripting, by just reloading the object. If you make it non-interactive no one, not even the host will be able to touch it, and you can not destroy it with the bin tool of the text tool.

    (wow 2014 necro!)

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