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Thread: A way to activate an IRC channel for in-game chat.

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    A way to activate an IRC channel for in-game chat.

    Hello. I've been trying to use Tabletop Simulator to run RPGs for people I chat on IRC with. Unfortunately, the lack of chat logging has been downright painful to my ability to run, especially for a game that has players dropping in and out all the time. I know that Global Chat for Tabletop Simulator runs off of IRC. Is there any way that I could somehow modify the game to create a new chat tab or direct an existing one so that the players of the game had access to a different IRC channel?

    I would literally pay a hundred dollars to be able to do this on games I hosted.

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    I have also asked for this.. it is such a tease that we can connect to IRC global chat but not connect via a irc client to the game chat : ) hehe

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