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Thread: function onCollisionEnter() triggers a zillion times?

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    function onCollisionEnter() triggers a zillion times?

    I'm looking at some simple code to do something when a object is dropped on the table, but having a strange problem right at the start. Basically using this simple code below which just dose a print out when the object is dropped on the table

    function onCollisionEnter()

    As you can see just dropping it activates it like 8 times.

    If I drop one of the enemy tokens on the various parts.. it activates twice, each time.

    So, is that behaving correctly?

    Is there a way to only make it trigger once?
    Is there a way to only trigger when it hits the table and NOT when other things hit it?

    Also... is there anyway to tell if an object is at rest?

    Like if I used a scripted zone that tested when things entered it.. this would basically be the same code.. can you make it so it ignores everything unless it comes to a rest inside the zone?

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    Its behaving correctly.

    object.resting will return true if it isn't resting, false if it is not. You can also set object.resting = true.

    One way that might work is having the first onCollisionEnter make object.resting = true. That might do it.

    If not, you could make a toggleable variable. Psudocode that would go in oncollisionenter
    if toggleVariable = false then
        toggleVariable = true
        --start a timer which, when it ends, will make toggleVariable = false
        --The code you only want to have run once

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    Thanks stump... this seams to be working.

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