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    Question nil GUID

    I have a custom model acting as a bag (it's a deckbox). I also have multiple custom decks in the deckbox. When I search the deckbox, the images come up blank (I'm guessing they don't exist until removed from the box). I was trying to script the top card (which has a unique texture) to load so that the deck might have an image in the box (I dunno if it'll work but I love tinkering). Anyway...

    I can search the box and get the GUID for the decks but when I try to do anything with them, they come back nil (again, I'm assuming because they don't yet exist). Is there a way to actually do anything this way? It seems like I'm trying to do the impossible.

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    I don't know if decks show images while in a container, as their contents are not accessible while they are in there for them to show a card.

    You were right about the decks not existing until they get pulled out. The only way to view what is in those decks is to pull a deck out with takeObject and then, using takeObject's callback function, look at the contents of the deck.

    Just keep in mind that decks are themselves containers, and the MOST you can get out a container, depending on type, is name/description/guid/index number. So you can't see the contents of a container if its in another container because all you can get on that inside container is name/desc/guid/index, not its contents. If that makes sense (I hope)

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    Yeah, it makes sense. I kinda thought I was trying to do the impossible. I was trying to do it that way to reduce loading time. I might make the boxes buttons instead that load the decks on a shelf of some sort so that loading is still reduced. Then again, I might just leave them as blanks in the box. We will see.

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