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Thread: Update v9.0 New DLC Indonesia, 64-bit, Engine Upgrade, & New Tablet Browser!

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    Update v9.0 New DLC Indonesia, 64-bit, Engine Upgrade, & New Tablet Browser!

    This update we’ve added in one of the most requested improvements to Tabletop Simulator, 64-bit! If you are unfamiliar with what this means for the game: more stability thanks to being able to use all system memory, faster mod loading, and support for larger & crazier mods.

    We mentioned in the last update that we would have to drop support for Windows 32-bit (0.8% of our players), but we have good news! We were able to create both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows builds of the game and Steam should provide you with the proper version of the game. But, if you are having any trouble playing the game after the update try reinstalling the game to force it grab the correct version.

    Overall this patch was all updating all the old and much needed items of repair to make the game overall more stable, smooth, and perform better.

    New DLC Indonesia
    • Indonesia by Splotter Spellen is [url=]now available on Steam for $6.99[/url] with a 10% discount!
    • Once players are seated, pressing the "Shuffle First Turn" animated button will randomly select a player order and place colored tokens onto the board.
    • Decks will be shuffled.
    • The button will then switch to allowing you to raise or lower hidden zones over the player mats, to suit player preference.

    64-bit Support
    • 64-bit support added for Windows, Mac, and Linux.
    • Window 32-bit will still exist, while Mac and Linux will be 64-bit only.
    • Better game stability due to being to able to use all system RAM.
    • Create larger and more detailed mods due to the ~3 gb limit being removed.
    • Faster loading time for mods with larger images.
    • Less stutters when loading images.

    Unity Engine Upgrade to 5.3.8
    • Overall improved fps.
    • Better game stability due to fixes on Unity’s end.
    • Fixed https ssl loading issue for Mac and Linux.
    • Host of other small improvement and fixes.

    New Tablet Browser
    • Migrated from Awesomium to Embedded Browser.
    • Works on Mac now.
    • More update to date browser will cause less issue loading websites.
    • Perform better compared to the old implementation.
    • 64-bit support.

    New Steamworks Wrapper
    • Migrated from Ludosity to Steamworks .net.
    • More up-to-date feature set.
    • Ability to add new Steam related features in the future.
    • Better Steam related stability.
    • 64-bit support.

    • Fixed searching a deck and cards weren’t being scaled correctly to match the deck.
    • Fixed scrolling or opening a folder the triple dots wouldn't appear on menu buttons.

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    Amazing, been waiting a long time for 64bit support. this has helped out EVERYONE and the support being shown in global is astounding.

    A few questions about unity support.
    1: are we able to use real water physics yet? my custom 3D background has a waterfall and a lake that need bringing to life
    2: will we be getting 5.5+ support any time soon?
    3: Not a question, just a thank you for the update

    (suggestion but not fully worthy of it's own thread: 1: more managable ban list - with player.Ban script if possible, 2: admins able to access GUID's and objects scripts)

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    Since it has not been answered on steam I will ask here again:

    I was wondering if with the browser update now things like soundcloud would work. When I went there it told me I had no flash installed. I know I have read about this somewhere so I googled and found Kimiko saying one needs flash player for chrome installed. So I did that and it still complains.
    Is soundcloud still not possible to use or is there a way to fix this problem?

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    I don't think flash is working with this browser, but the trend is for everyone to drop flash due to security reason.

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