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Thread: Imported 3D Models are too large?

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    Question Imported 3D Models are too large?

    Hi guys,

    when I import a custom 3D Model to the game it's extremely large. I can reduce the size a bit, but then it's still too large. What can I do?

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    Hey Whatsfelix Welcome to the community

    Couple of things you could do here, first did you use the Gizmo tool to reduce the size or the + - keys as the gizmo tools gives you much more control over your objects scale.

    If the Gizmo tool wont cut it then.

    1, you object must be truly gigantic


    2, you will need to drop this object in an editing program, like Blender for instance. Edit its scale there and export this new smaller version back into TTS.

    But realistically the Gizmo tools scaling function should be good enough for 99.9% of the model you come across.

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