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Thread: Getting ready for my first time running DnD in tabletop

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    Getting ready for my first time running DnD in tabletop

    Are there any tips and stuff you guys have for me?

    Current setup, I have the players making their character sheets and sending me information to have my own copy.

    I downloaded packs of miniatures and tile sets and stuff from the workshop and used that to build my maps (and let people choose their minis for their heros).
    I plan to use this to prebuild areas, save games, and then as players progress into different areas, save those zones as their own games, and just utilize a saved object container to persist any items we need to between zones

    I am utilizing hidden zones to hide full areas of the map that the players cant see.

    Some issues I forsee:
    Is there a way to easily mark areas as traps for the dm to see but not tip the players off that something is there? (hidden tooltips, or other notes. maybe hidden objects or something?)
    If not, I can always just write it down on some paper, and keep it to my side.

    Can you think of any easy ways to hide monster data on specific items such that the players cant see it?
    Again i can just take notes out of game, but it would be nice to digitize this. (i could also use my own hidden zone play are to take digital notes)

    Are there any other tips and suggestions you guys have? I am going to be playing with 2-3 people who never played DnD before, and I want it to be a good experience for them.

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    Clean and simple is the best way to start. There are a lot of great tools on the workshop to help you DM and to help your players keep organized… but, too many tools can really hamper the TTS D&D experience. Start with a nice clean table (especially if you plan on loading multiple save games). Try to keep your game as close to your ‘real world’ D&D game as possible: Use a real notepad & pen and use character sheets outside of TTS. Trying to have 4 people learn new virtual tools while loading TTS saves and playing D&D can just turn into a waste of time.

    Once you get this first game done, then look through the workshop to fill in the gaps where you felt ‘vanilla’ TTS wasn’t able to reproduce a true D&D experience. And still, take care not to add too many tools at once -- it takes time to build a good RPG table and you will want to practice with each tool. Most RPG talbes I see are crowded with so many objects that very little D&D even gets played.

    On the Workshop: (please consider running your first game before adding these modules)
    There is a project in the works called Quality RPG that would be worth looking at. For my own games, I use One World and Bar Keep.

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    so in vanilla, is there a good way to draw lines for the map?

    Seems that there is a lot to learn about the tools functionalities

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    If you go into "options" and then "grid" you can have a grid appear, set the grid size, and enable objects snapping to grid.

    One tip, as I use this more and more my map tables get less and less complex. I find having a super-well prepared dungeon is fun in some ways but restrictive in others. I'm moving towards using it more for combat "scenes" than for fully mapped dungeons.

    The more pen-and-paper the better! I also have players roll their own die in RL and report back what they rolled. Rolling virtual dice is not as satisfying.

    Oh and I've switched from using 3D character models to purely imported 2D figurines for all characters. It's easier to see spacing with the matching figurine bases, and it's much more flexible for having the right monster- or character-likenesses (100000000s of images verses 100s of models).

    Pro-tip: use the "volume tool" to quickly move and adjust your hidden areas, rather than with the hidden area tool.

    Have fun finding your own style of play! And let the players know to expect some delays as you figure it out together.

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