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Thread: Accessing AssetBundle Animation Component

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    Question Accessing AssetBundle Animation Component

    Hey there, first time posting so I'm just going to dive right in.

    I'm having this issue regarding AssetBundles. Specifically since I can't add C# scripts to randomize the animation that is playing when the animation exits a state machine I've been using, it just plays the same boring animation over and over.
    Now I know what you're thinking. "Hey, just use the TTS Effects and make it togglable". That's not what I'm after here, I want to just be able to access the Unity Animator parameters. That's all I need.

    Example of my state tree. See how it splits into two? I have a parameter called "currentIdle" to switch in between one and the other after doing a quick coin-flip sort of thing.

    Example of what I would theoretically like to do in Lua to be able to work around the problem.

    So, any chance of this functionality existing? And if not, have some other way to handle these animations?

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    Hey Velian, Welcome to the community

    At the moment the Unity Mecanim Animation System, is not functioning/compatible with TTS (probably more the former than the latter)

    So your going to need to handle the random selection part all within the TTS scripting system.
    and load each possible animation as a trigger (or loop if you need the effect to survive a reload event of some kind) in the Effects script provided.

    Sharper minds than mine will need to throw in on the most efficient form that script should take to fire those triggers( or loops) when your required criteria are met.

    what are the specific triggering events you wish to use, you mentioned coin flip so is that say, landing heads=animation 1, tails=animation 2 . . . That sort of thing ?

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    Yeah, that sort of deal. It's alright, I managed to just sort of like.. 'Fake' it, if you catch me. I just have different lengths for the animations and I cycle through a lot of them in a big line to add variation.
    Here, as an example of it totally working okay.

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