Here are the steps to reproduce. This is a pretty frustrating issue that every person that I played dominoes with tonight ran into:

* Start a built-in Dominoes game.
* Place a domino slightly over the top of another domino creating a small ramp (which happens quite often by accident even with a grid snap).
* Mouse over the domino that is on top (has a slight pitch).
* Press the "Q" or "E" keys to rotate it.
* The domino will attempt to orient itself vertically (very annoying) and it will also embed itself in the table and then launch out as it tries to unembed itself.

This happens always if the domino being placed is oriented left-to-right with the default camera. If it is oriented forward-to-backward, then it appears to be raising the domino before rotation. But left-to-right spins it in place causing it to go inside the table.

I'm also not sure why it tries to change the domino's orientation to vertical with such a small pitch, but this and the embedding make for a super frustrating game of dominoes.