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Thread: Discord chat integration?

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    Question Discord chat integration?

    I found that Speedrunners managed to get Discord integrated into their game so they could use their voice chat functionality. Now, I know Discord is also working on video chat so I'm thinking maybe the next step for voice chat within Tabletop Simulator could be a Discord-run experience. Then we could also take advantage of webcams around the table where user's avatars normally are.

    I see people complaining about the voice chat in this game all the time. It would be definitely cool if we could get some high quality VOIP.

    [URL=""]Here is the News page on it.[/URL] What do people think?

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    We've talked to them about this in the past, but they didn't have it available yet, so it would definitely be interesting and I personally would love it. So we'll have to look into it further and see what our options are.

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    Sweet! Thanks for the reply Kimi.

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    I'd be careful about integrating a 3rd party system like Discord into the application... I mean TeamSpeak, Mumble, Skype, Ventrillo.. etc etc.. all had their time as the main app almost all gaming communities used. Discord is no different.. sometime in the next few years.. it will be replaced by something else and you do not want to be stuck with this deep in your application design.

    I think if there was a way to "call" discord, or.. any voice app form within TTS... similar to how you can load webpages on the Pad Tool.. that way you can have the functionality, but not be locked into a 3rd Party app and people can use what ever they prefer.

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    That doesn't seem like a thing worth worrying about. You could worry about using any technology being outdated in a few years. For all we know, Tabletop Simulator could only be popular for the next few years before it's audience goes elsewhere. I think it would make sense for TTS to go the Discord route as Discord is a very social app in of itself - it opens doors. Like video chat which will be released some time this year.

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    I'm all in for full Discord integration as well! Discord is awesome!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark View Post
    For all we know, Tabletop Simulator could only be popular for the next few years before it's audience goes elsewhere.
    Not sure I agree. The board game community is pretty sedentary. Many of us are old men!

    Vassal is like 14 years old. LackeyCCG is like 12 years old. Battlegrounds is like old. (not exactly sure)... and they are all still going strong.

    My point is the nature of virtual table top apps is that even if Beserk stopped development today.. new mods would would added and played for the next decade easy. As unlike other "video games" all the app really needs to do is facilitate the manipulation of image data.. and it already dose that very well (for the most part).

    The user base may shrink, but the important thing is that, imo, the devs should be looking at systems that can exist independently, forever. You know.. in just in case!

    I think the big step for Beserk to become immortal would be a port to iOS and Android.

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    I agree that TTS could have some incredible longevity with community support. But discord integration wouldn't be bad as long as legacy chat and such was left in as an option or be re-enabled with a launch command

    Few games I have played force one client only on you. Those that have I usually dropped for making me use some random software (Looking at you, Curse) that I didn't like.

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    I'm just saying that Discord is much newer than TTS and there's no reason to suggest that Discord's life span will be any less than Tabletop Simulator's. Thanks for the optimistic comments though.

    Maybe voice chat could fall back if Discord connection is down, or if the host manually sets it to use the old system. I think Discord definitely has to work on their connections between Mac, Linux and Windows. People using the Windows operating system are able to connect via Speedrunners just fine, though Mac and Linux users currently have to install the Discord client in order to take advantage of automatic voice chat pairing. This is not a huge problem and might eventually be resolved, but maybe it would be a reason to allow a fall-back to Steam's VOIP if the host chooses.
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    We are looking into a networking rewrite using steam's p2p system. If we end doing that we'd most likely implements steam's voip. We are definitely not happy with our current voip.

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    I have started using Discord almost exclusively when playing games in TTS... there seams to be a bug in TTS where if you get disconnected fomr the voice chat server or something, you can not reconnect without quiting and rejoining the game.. but of course if you are host then you need to close the entire server, so save, restart, everyone rejoin... such a pain. Using discord means if there are chat errors or people diconenct they can still be in contact.

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