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Thread: Screen freaks out while loading specific game in VR (HELP)

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    Screen freaks out while loading specific game in VR (HELP)

    We were trying to play a Battlestar Galactica board game. My friend launched it and I joined his game. But when he sets the table, my screen inside my vr is freaking out. I haven't had this problem before and I don't know if its an official game or from the workshop, but as long as I am looking at the table, everything is just freaking out and glitching and the screen is just moving everywhere, and sometimes keeps throwing me in and out of a loading screen in between freakouts. If I take my VR off, and look at the PC screen, it looks normal but is slightly laggy?

    At first I thought it was because there were to many objects, but he eventually deleted more than half of the objects and I know we have played games with way more before, so I don't fully understand why it's doing that. If I look away from the table (as long as I cant see a single object on the table) it acts fine.

    I fixed the issue once by setting the graphics to super low, but I cant read any of the cards if I do that. When I tried to do that again later on, changing the graphics had no effect.

    Running windows 10 latest version, Geforce GTX970, 12gb RAM, amd A8-6600k CPU (low CPU I know, but it hasn't caused any issues in any VR games yet)

    EDIT: forgot to mention, I am using an Oculus Rift, but it has been working fine with occasional glitches that others have already mentioned until this, which I can't seem to find anything on.

    EDIT 2: I tried it by hosting it myself, as well as some other games that seem similar or more intense. Hosting myself still causes the same issues. While trying other games however, i had almost no problems. I ran A Game Of Thrones that I found in the workshop which game me some issues at first, and then smoothed out rather quickly. It has much, MUCH more stuff in it. maybe its something to do with the game itself? the base game shouldn't cause much cause it doesnt have a whole lot.
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    Can you link to the mod on the workshop?

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    half way through typing a reply- notice you are using a rift - deletes it all - cuddles VIVE - cries. (We lost another to facebook, RIP)

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