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Thread: Item chest, spawning prefabs and locking objects

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    Question Item chest, spawning prefabs and locking objects

    Good Morning i have been tooling around with TTS for a few days now got the four pack that was on sale me and my mates are keen to try and do D&D.

    I was wondering if there is any way to lock prefab objects from the chest or disable gravity or any other way to stop then from exploding when spawned or moving about i have been googling for a good few days and cant seem to find anyone asking the same question.

    Basically i want to be able to spawn in and out basic prefabs say a 5x5 rome or say a camp ect, and when i do the ither spawn to high and fall over or if i fixed then to close on the other board when i saved them the explode.

    Any answers or pointers would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

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    Things "explode" when they are inside of eachother, their collision boxes snap them apart and they go flying. This is true with eachother or the table.

    So the solution is not to do that or to use lock to prevent them from moving

    Look into the scene system (workshop mod) for spawning in pre-made setups. You lay them out, it remembers their positions, and lets you load them back. Should generally avoid any layout errors

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    Spawning too high and letting the items fall into place should work too. If that leaves the items hanging in the air, you'll need a better collider and maybe convex checked in whatever object you are spawning your stuff into/onto. Hope this helps some...

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