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Thread: Why is global chat so cancerous?

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    Angry Why is global chat so cancerous?

    There are so many rude people in global chat and the moderators don't do anything. I wanted to ask them a question about the poor customer service I'm receiving but they just give me even more reason to hate berserk games. I was kicked for asking a question and wanting to know when my two week old problem would get fixed. If this shitty customer support continues, I will inform as many people as I can and show them screenshots of the terrible support.

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    Global chat is NOT customer support. If you're looking for support there, you're looking in the wrong place. The global chat also isn't moderated directly by Berserk, and is not a direct representation of their company. If you don't like the chat, turn it off in the UI options and don't worry about it. If you need customer support, you can find their contact info on their website. If you need technical support, THIS FORUM can help with that. It is not the fault of the company that you looked for information in the wrong place.

    A good rule of thumb is that any kind of live chat service open to anybody and everybody, and left to itself, will have things in it that people don't like. The internet is not a fun, sunshine-y daycare.

    Here's a link to their contact page if you need to get in touch with customer support. If it really is a technical support issue, post a topic here and see if anybody can help.

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