I've only played one game of the DLC so far and I do like how well the set was put together. However, there's a huge problem with playable space with the DLC as it stands. There's not a great place to put discarded action cards (as it's the only deck with a discard) and not a lot of space to put down cards you're playing before you discard them (so everyone can confirm what kind of hand you're playing).

While I do like the barrels you sit at, they have no room for completed raids or extra longships that the shipyards can let you hold onto. You can have up to 3 longships from what I've seen, so you have to have room for about 3 extra cads (2 longships not in the shipyard and completed raids) to fit comfortably. It can be done with the current space but it's not easy or intuitive.

So in summary, the mod needs space on the main board for cards played as well as a discard while the player area needs more space for extra cards. I imagine this wouldn't be an easy change, but something to consider with DLC going forward regarding play space and special rules that might change up how much space is needed.

I'll need to play more games with the mod, but so far everything else has seemed great.

Thank you for the effort you put into making these more interesting to play than even their standard physical counterparts.