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Thread: Deck Manipulation 6 (interface hiding)

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    Deck Manipulation 6 (interface hiding)

    This is a series of annoyances I found while using TTS. I am copying from my post at Steam:


    Right mouse button menu does not appear when the interface is hidden (F11), and there is no Search shortcut. If I like to hide the interface, I have to unhide (F11), right click, select search, drag a card out, close the search window, hide the interface.

    How about a shortcut for search, maybe one that works only as long as I keep the key pressed, so I can drag a card out of the list without having to close the window afterwards?

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    I strongly agree that the right-click menu should still be visible if the rest of the UI is hidden.

    The search on a shortcut problem would be nice but the problem is TTS already has a lot of shortcuts. This is a solution to a pretty minor problem that would only clutter the game more. I would like to see this feature (minus the holding the key part. We could simply press that key again to close the search menu instead), but i understand if the devs are against it. In general, I do agree that searching a deck is an action that feels like it shouldn't take as long as it does.

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    Alternatively you could go to the Configuration menu and Uncheck the element's you don't want to see, Top bar, Tools and such. this way you don't have to use the Hide everything F11 Button and the Right click menu will be unaffected.

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    That's very annoying (read "too many clicks") to do often (which you would have to since you'd probably only want that for certain mods and not others). I actually suggested a solution to that problem [URL=""]here[/URL]

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