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Thread: Improving card stacking detection

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    Unhappy Improving card stacking detection

    So i don't really know if this is a "bug" per se or not, so I'm posting it here.
    When you pick up cards multiple cards by taking a card and then right-clicking to take more of them, dropping that bunch of cards in your hands tends to not form a stack.

    The cards tend to just float vertically in a pile. Even if you try to take the additional cards by centering your mouse on the deck carefully this happens. This is a pretty basic interaction that should never fail imo. In general, cards tend to have too much trouble forming stacks. I don't know if it's a matter of changing a setting to increase how easily cards catch other cards above/beneath them but this would make lives a lot easier when playing games. Maybe a good solution would be some sort of highlight when hovering cards that indicates that the cards will stack once let go

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    I tend to tap "G" when dropping a stack of cards like this to ensure a deck forms when it hits the table. I think this has something to do with the cards colliders, which where fattened a while back to reduce clipping issues. It seems to effect the ease with which cards form into decks somehow when loosely stacked

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    Sure, but we shouldn't have to press a key for that to work properly. I understand that it's hard having lots of small colliders so close to each other but it should be fixed

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