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Thread: Infinite bags are acting strange!!!

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    Infinite bags are acting strange!!!

    All, my infinite bags in several mods started acting strangely at once.
    Probably since last update (9.2).

    Stuff I drop in, does not anymore come out the way they were dropped in.
    In my case they rotate usually 180 deg and some cases are flipped.

    Why has the behavior changed?
    Is this a bug or has it something to do with the Warfighter fix to the tokens from infinites always facing the player?

    This is really wreaking havoc through all my mods at the moment...


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    I've been having the same issue since one of the last updates. It seems to affect only custom infinite bags and is present in all workshop mods I've been using.

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    Fixed in today's [URL=""]Update v9.3[/URL]. Thanks for the report!

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