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Thread: Information Regarding Crashes and High RAM Usage

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    Information Regarding Crashes and High RAM Usage

    I understand this is still in Early Access and in Beta, but here's some things to note about the crashes and memory usage:

    Most of these crashes with custom game modes are because the game is taking too much RAM and going out of bounds (Memory Access Violation). TTS will get to about 3.2GB of ram (on my computer, which has 16GB) before it crashes.

    I see forum members in here asking how much RAM people have and if they have a 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows. The game WILL crash if it passes 4 GB of RAM, realistically it's around ~3.2 to ~3.5 GB (taking into consideration system mapped memory, other applications, etc.) no matter the bit size of their version of Windows or how much RAM a user has, because TTS is a 32-bit program. High RAM usage and negligible garbage collection seems to be causing all of these crashes because of Memory Access Violations (at least mine) when players load custom game modes. See here for more information: and

    TTS takes a whopping 1.5GB just on the main menu, not doing anything. Team Fortress 2 takes 832MB on an action-packed, full 32-man server playing Payload Race (plr_hightower). I could give you RAM usages from other games, but you get the point. I'm not dissing Berserk, nor am I saying that the game is bad. All I'm saying is that the game needs optimization and I'm looking forward to it!

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    Information Regarding Crashes and High RAM Usage

    I have been playing some games with friends and have found that lowering the graphics settings WILL save RAM.

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    Information Regarding Crashes and High RAM Usage

    Yeah, this is something we're continually working on. Thanks for the info!

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