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Thread: Allow Host Player to act as a non-promoted player during game play

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    Allow Host Player to act as a non-promoted player during game play

    My wish list. My interest in Tabletop Simulator is being able to play my old board games from the 60s, 70s and 80s (Avalon Hill, SPI, GDW, Yaquinto, Victory Games, etc.) Most of the games I like to play are two player head to head games, that can take some time to play and would require saving them to play over several weeks. In addition, many of these games have counters that should only be manipulated by one player side. Now in that regard, there are 3 specific items that I would like to see incorporated into Tabletop Simulator that would make developing and playing these old games much better. I will submit each on a different thread.

    #2 Incorporate a Boolean variable under the Player Class that lets you set the Host Player to act as a non-promoted player during game play with the ability to save a game.

    In 2-player head to head games, I want both players to be equal in permissions No one can delete an object, duplicate an object, reset the states of an object, or have the ability to see the print function messages in the chat window. This is to maintain the integrity of the game and keep the Host Player honest.

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    Play with people that don't cheat? haha

    No matter how much you limit it, you can't stop somebody from cheating with this type of gameplay given how TTS works. They can check the most recently accessed images in their assets folder for items that were loaded during play, indicating what items left bags/decks. You can open up the JSON and figure out what items are on the board, still in bags, their positions, etc. These are things any player can do, even disallowing all the tricks a host could pull with even basic scripting. For instance, a host could print, to themselves only (using printToColor using their steam_id to identify themself) the names of any tokens in a given area.

    I'm not against a feature to demote yourself (as long as you could get it back without reloading) in general terms, but I'm afraid it wouldn't do much to prevent cheating in your case if that's a concern. If that was the sole purpose for it, I'm afraid it wouldn't do much to curb a cheater's ambition.

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    Could you make a tool that pretty much logs everything that you do in the chat log? Maybe it logs every interaction on objects that are in a zone/a bunch of zones

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    Can I? Sure. But it would be chat-spammy to the max. Is that a problem?

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    That's up to Ajkiger1 really. You could put booleans to choose what gets logged and what doesn't.

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