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Thread: Shortcut to take/move card and flip it simultaneously

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    Lightbulb Shortcut to take/move card and flip it simultaneously

    It would be nice to have a shortcut that lets us move a card and flip it simultaneously.

    What I mean is that if you want to both flip and play a card from your hand, or flip and take a card from a deck or the table, you have to press f and then drag (or reverse order). That feels pretty bad, probably because the f key is in the center of the keyboard and you have to kind of reach in to hit it.

    It would be much better if you could hold a modifier key (shift is my suggestion) to both take a card and flip it. That way you could reveal the top card of a deck, or play a card facedown from your hand, really quickly and smoothly. In my mind, when you're hovering over the card before taking it, a little flip icon appears near your cursor. There's also the question of whether you can do it once you already have the card in your cursor. Imo you shouldn't EXCEPT if you're leaving your hand zone while shift is pressed

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    Mouse two is also "Flip" and if your middle mouse button is also a scroll wheel you can spin the card as you flip it all with one hand which is kind of fun when you get the hang of it . . . Not much help if you're using a mouse without a middle button I know, but I thought I'd point it in case you were unaware.

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    I did NOT know that ! That's pretty good! I'll use that. It's still niche enough info that most people don't know about it, so I'd still be for my suggestion. That said i do understand the counterarguments

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    If you hover over the names on the help menu (?), it will give you alternatives you can do, since it doesn't all fit on the menu. So if you hover over "Flip", it will tell you that you can also use the MMB.

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    oh I didn't know that happened! If that's not written on the help menu, it should be

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    It is.

    Check the first line in the TIPS & HINTS section and hover over it.

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    Darn. I've been thoroughly had. In my defense, I've been using the game since launch, way before the help menu was remade, so i didn't really look at it much

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