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Thread: Grouping broadcastToAll messages when timed close to one another

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    Unhappy Grouping broadcastToAll messages when timed close to one another

    It would be great if messages from broadcastToAll() would show up in order if they are sent in close timing to one another

    Here's my problem: I'm making a script for a mod that broadcasts messages to the player. I want to broadcast 2 messages (A and B, in that order) that come at nearly the same time. In chat, A would appear then B, as normal. But on the top of the screen, those message would appear in the reverse order, B then A, because every message gets pushed to the top.

    It would be great if new on-screen messages would appear below previous ones (keeping the order of appearance) if the top ones haven't started fading off yet. That way messages in chat and on-screen will keep that same order.

    I realize this is a pretty minor improvement, but would make scripting more consistent.

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    The onscreen messages are in order of the newest message on top.

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    Yes I know that ("because every message gets pushed to the top"). But I'm saying that if 2 messages appear back to back pretty quickly (specifically, if the 2nd message appears before the first has started fading) then it should appear below the previous message instead of above.

    The reason being that you then have a message appearing in one order onscreen, and in the reverse order in chat, which is problematic.

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    I agree with this sentiment. It's quite confusing.

    To get around this issue you can include line breaks in your print.
    function onLoad()
        broadcastToAll("Hello World!\nHow are you today?", {1,1,1})

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    Yea I figured that out and use it, but it shrinks the onscreen text a bit. It's fine with 2 lines, but with 3 the text is really quite smaller

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    I try using the line break an it puts the /n in there anyway

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    I dunno if this actually works in this case, but the newline character is '\n', ([backslash n], not [slash n]).

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