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Thread: Animation for bag shuffle

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    Red face Animation for bag shuffle

    It would be nice to have a little animation when you shuffle a bag.

    Nothing big, just a little rocking animation that's real quick or something else, but good for when you don't want to have any sound on and need to confirm that it actually shuffled

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    yea like wiggle or bounce or something
    also some people can't hear audio clues

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    If you wanted, I could write a little bag jiggling script you put onto a bag so when you take objects out of it or put them in it does a little wiggle, or has pulsing highlight or something

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    Yea that would be great in the meantime, but would still be nice to have as a default of TTS. It's annoying to have to copy a specific bag every time with the script

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    The nice bit is you can apply this script to any bag and it should work. In theory.

    How would you prefer the visual indicator work? I have about 4 ideas:
    1. Highlighted a solid color for a second.
    2. Have the highlight turn a bright, solid color and then fade to black/greyscale and turn off over a second.
    3. Have it change position of the bag slightly, popping it left/right of its start position for 1/2 a second or a second. Not a lot of movement, just a little shimmy.
    4. Have it change the rotation of the bag slightly, popping it left/right of its starting rotation for 1/2 a second or a second. Again, more shimmy.

    Thoughts? Also, it might be possible to make an object that injects this bag script onto any/all bags/infinite bags on a table without much more trouble. Let you set up a whole table for shimmying action in a few seconds.

    Oh, and nothing against this suggestion, I just saw a fun scripting problem =)

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    You can't really intercept shuffle event MrStump. The script would have to watch it contents in an update() or whatever.

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    I had some ideas I wanted to fiddle with that effect =) But I want to figure out the effect first so if one of my ideas does work out then I'll have something to do

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