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Thread: Picking up Generic objects should not change their orientation.

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    Exclamation Picking up Generic objects should not change their orientation.

    When I pick up an object that's been orientated differently, this happens:

    It would be nice if the object in question would stay orientated the same way when picked up, rather than trying to auto-orientate itself. This is really inconvenient in building games.

    It will also auto-orientate itself back up if you press Q or E on it without picking it up. Ideally it should just rotate from its current rotation.
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    That would be a good toggle to add. For most games i definitely DO want objects to re orient. By default, said toggle should be turned on, imo

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    Adding a toggle would be fine. This post is how objects used to work back in the day. The default blocks you can find in the chest should be set to follow this behaviour where picking up the object doesn't auto-orientate itself. A lot of older games which used these blocks don't function and work the same way any more.

    CHRY came out with a LEGO mod recently that could also definitely benefit from this.

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