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Thread: Hidden Zone opacity

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    Hidden Zone opacity

    Hidden zones are too opaque; when you're the owner seeing what's in them is difficult (ironically). An option to lower the opacity could work, but it would be better if they became transparent when you mouse-overred them (for players who they don't hide from, of course)

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    Zones should default to being wireframes, IMHO. Let an object within a zone have a constant outline of the color that the zone is in addition to the typical outline they have from interaction so as to have a constant visual cue that they are within a given zone.

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    I would love to see this tool updated.

    1) Like the OP mentioned, having an opacity slider and some different options for the effect (color/texture/illumination) would be great.

    2) It would be also be nice if it had its own "object/layer" window where you could toggle on/off different blocks and combine different blocks into irregular shapes. Being able to prepare a map for exploration would be much better if you could hide the map in sections and then revel it in sections more easily as players enter the areas.

    3) Have a rounded/circle shape option.

    Having true "Fog of War" and "Line of Sight" would be better, but the above changes would help.

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    I think it would help if the items in the zone had a bunch of outlines, similar but distinct from the one when you right click an item. Then you'd see the items pretty clearly

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    Maybe have it only show the colour overlay on the background and table. Any items inside could not be affected by the zone's colour.

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    I feel this is still a great idea and really hope this gets implemented. A wireframe of the users color if the opacity is at 0% (completely clear), otherwise it continues to retain its current color scheme just with varying degrees of opacity. I find it too distracting and difficult to see through with its current opacity. Currently I'm just hiding everything from all colors except black, but that then adds a layer of scripting that seems tedious and redundant. Maybe even if there were a toggle in the context menu to hide the object from specific colors up-and-to-include all colors, much like how the hidden box currently works. This toggle could enforce the attachInvisibleHider(...) and attachHider(...) options to a single object or group of objects.

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