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Thread: "DRAW" cards to multipile hands seams to make everyone crash?

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    "DRAW" cards to multipile hands seams to make everyone crash?

    Been playing some card games recently and found what I "think" is a bug... basically if I select a deck and click "draw" to draw cards to all ocupied seats then everyone in the game can no longer interact with the table.. requiring them all to exit and then reconnect.

    I got around this by asking all players to draw by highlkighting the deck and pressing the number.. but this is not as cool...

    BUG(?) : Dealing cards to all occupied tables seams to freeze the table for those players not hosting, forcing them to all disconnect and then reconnect to the game.

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    Have you an example of a Mod this has happened on ?

    How many were present and dealt to when it happens ?

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    last two mods was...

    "Inis (Tragic Edition)" - 4players each time...


    "Lords of Dimension 64" - usually play with 5.

    I assume others.

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