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Thread: Disable "clump-on-shake" when holding objects it doesn't make sense with

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    Disable "clump-on-shake" when holding objects it doesn't make sense with

    I get doing that when holding dice to randomize it, decks to shuffle it. I feel like it should group cards instead of just clumsily clumping them if you hold multiple and shake.

    But it doesn't make much sense to just clump and ruin whatever you have in hand when holding and moving multiple different objects like figurines, tokens, custom models etc. I think it shouldn't do it at all if you are holding objects of any different types. Would make laying out and moving stuff MUCH easier and less sad sometimes.

    Especially since shake detection is quite damn sensitive.

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    I agree that it can happen to easily and ruin stuff. There should be a way to trigger it , like holding shift or something while you shake your hand

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