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Thread: Making a button's alpha not affect font_color

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    Exclamation Making a button's alpha not affect font_color

    You should be able to set a button's color's transparency without having it affect the transparency of that button's font_color.

    Currently, if you have a "color" on a button that's transparent, the text will be transparent regardless of the alpha value in font_color. These 2 should be set individually and not affect each other, so that we can make buttons with fully transparent backgrounds but fully visible text.

    Right now, afaik, the only way to have text on the table (or floating) that can be interacted with scripting is through buttons that have a super small width and height, but that's not an ideal solution and I'm making another suggestion about why there's a problem there.

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    Yes please. +1

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    Can you please make something about this bug ?
    It is very annoying.

    I've spend hours to import 4 pages RPG character sheet into TTS, with hundred of checkboxes, counters an textboxes, in order to play during the covid-19 confinement, to eventually see that it is almost unusable in dark rooms (possibly giving headaches to players, and breaking immersion).
    I've choosen TTS over roll20/rolisteam because of the immersion.
    The solution is to make the background transparent, but as stated above, this make the font/text transparent too...

    See by yourself:

    Capture d’écran de 2020-04-09 09-20-52.jpg

    I have search why the background can't be transparent alone, i and found this unanswered 3 years old request... :'(
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    Never ran into this issue myself, but if it's like that, it seems very concerning.

    +1 to this.

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