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Thread: Different settings for UI scaling and the stack size/num cards left in a deck

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    Different settings for UI scaling and the stack size/num cards left in a deck

    I would really love an option to reduce the scale of the UI but not reduce the toooltips that show how many cards are still in the deck, objects in a bag, etc. Also, the option to hide the UI except for these tooltips. When just playing a game, the UI is not really that useful except in special circumstances, and the icons could defietnly be scaled down and still be functional. But the count tooltips can be really important to gameplay, and if anything, should be separate so the font size can be increased. Thanks!

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    I agree that it would be great to be able to keep the tooltips when we go UI-less. I can see cases where you do want to have no UI at all (like screenshots) but still, most of the time, it would be way better to have no UI but still tooltips.

    And yea even making UI Scale not change the tooltips size should definitely be added

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    We have this already though (except the separation of UI scale from Tool tip Scale) ... so your suggestion is really more asking to reduce the number of clicks to get there.

    As its all settable in the UI configuration menu. what sort of game mechanic is requiring you to jump in and out of these different possible visibility setups enough times a game to make this not good enough a solution currently ?

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