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Thread: "Typing..." icon in top right

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    Lightbulb "Typing..." icon in top right

    Would be nice to have an icon next to player names that shows when a player is typing.

    I picture it as a little keyboard icon, maybe that shakes a little bit, that informs you when that player is typing. Ideally, the icon would begin to slowly fade after a little while if he hasn't typed anything into chat (like 10 seconds or so). That would let us know when he's being distracted by something or when he's actually started going AFK. It just makes it feel a bit more like an actual conversation.

    It's good because sometimes a player won't move his mouse at all and you're unsure if he's AFK or not, but a lot of times that's because he's typing, not because of AFK. So being able to tell those 2 apart would be great.

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    Yes. I want to support this suggestion. :-)


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