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Thread: Card deck subset of regular deck

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    Card deck subset of regular deck

    I am making up a game and want to play around with different options. This means I don't want to make cards 100 times as I change what they mean, say, do, look like, play like, etc. Currently I don't want to carry around all the paraphernalia to the game just so that if (when?) I have an idea I can try it out. All that being said, I want to use the cards from a regular deck to be stand ins. But I don't want all the cards. So I want all hearts and half the clubs in one deck, consistently. Then all other face cards in another deck. Or something like that.

    So my question: Is there any way to get a standard deck of cards and remove specific cards from it? Can I change the back of these decks to look like something else? ( I haven't looked into that second question yet because I've been frustrated trying to figure out the first one.) I guess this is similar to trying to make a Pinochle deck by combining 2 regular decks and removing 2-8 from each suit.
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    Well the first part of your deck is fairly Straightforward, just spawn a deck from the Components menu separate out the cards that you don't want.
    Select what's left of the deck you do want to keep and save it to your chest ( OBJECTS>SAVED OBJECTS) and that's it. Then just pull this "Short deck" from the saved objects list every time you have need for it. . . .what was causing you frustration ? was something not working when you tried to make these changes ?

    As to the second part of your question. . . .No you can not change the backs of the In game decks, you'll need to create your own decks to define the back images you do wish to use.

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    My frustration was caused by me not realizing I could do that. I was thinking of a right-click, sub-menu solution, so that's on me. I had a solution in mind, so when it didn't work, obviously nothing was going to work. :/ ha

    Darn it on the second thing.

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